English formation

> The language policy for preparing our students for mobility corresponds to the language policy for preparing our students to their final exam. As soon as our students start their course, they study English as the first foreign language and may also choose to study Spanish or German as a second foreign language. However and to prepare them to the Erasmus mobility programme, they are presented a slideshow (updated every year) explaining the Erasmus Student Mobility for Placements in European firms.

> The students who are interested in the project are given a descriptive leaflet prepared for them by the Erasmus co-ordinator and by the team in charge of Erasmus (current and former co-ordinators of the Pôle Supérieur, and headmaster)

> The student is then assisted in his search for a foreign host company both by the course co-ordinator and language teacher. Following are the different steps followed :

  • 1/ About one month after the start of the academic year in September : The Erasmus co-ordinator collects the applications. The application files should be complete and include : a hand-written letter of application dated and signed by the student, the Europass CV, the student’s bank details, the agreement in triplicate (school of origin, host company and student), the training agreement of the Pôle Supérieur and a student form designed by the Pôle Supérieur.
  • 2/ Before the students’departure : Once the agreement clearly listing the tasks which will be assigned to the student during the work placement has been signed (strictly corresponding to the BTS official reference document), 80% of the Erasmus grant is paid to the student.
  • 3/ After the work placement : The student should provide the appendices 4 and 5, a report (at least 4 pages) and a document certifying the travel expenses together with the corresponding documentary evidence. On receipt of all these documents, the balance of the Erasmus grant, (20%) is paid to the student. This procedure is updated every year , this is why we have decided not to post it on our website, but to present it orally to each student willing to participate in the programme.